Fred Lherisson, Jr. is a graduate from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics.

Fred, as an undergraduate student at Rutgers, was President of the Haitian American Student Association. He was a member of AmeriCorps and an active volunteer for the International Institute of New Jersey serving the Haitian community. He assisted Haitian refugees to seek employment, housing, legal counseling as well as to overcome the challenges of language barriers.  Fred is currently the Director of Public Relations for the Haitian American Business Network Chamber of Commerce better known as – HABNET (

Fred is very passionate about the performing arts and hosts many events throughout the year for charitable organizations including the Montfort Institute of Haiti, an organization that focuses on Haitian children with disabilities. He also host a weekly professional networking event in New York City to promote and enhance awareness of Kompa (Haitian music)

Fred is currently the Major Account Manager for Sprint Corporation, the third largest telecommunication provider in the United States. His responsibilities include providing solutions to Fortune 500 companies to accomplish goals and objectives and eliminate their business challenges.

Fred joined the SUNSHINE Awards Organization in 2010 and is a valuable contributor of experience and ideas to the team. He is of Haitian parentage and has two older sisters, Farah and Lanah. He enjoys traveling, reading, movies, swimming and networking.