Recipient Name: David Rudder

Category: Best Calypso of the Year

Song: Another Day In Paradise

Type: Artist

Year: 1996

TitleCategoryTypeSongCountry 1AwardedAward Year
PreacherBest Political CommentaryArtistAbu Baka Take Over1992View
Jon EvansBest Engineered RecordingEngineerAlantikAntigua and BarbudaNo1992View
TriniBest Political CommentaryArtistAnimal Farm1992View
PoserBest Creative HumorArtistBad Pronounciation1992View
Prince UniqueBest New Male ArtistArtistBe A BelieverTrinidad & TobagoNo1992View
DesignerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistCalypso1992View
David RudderMale Vocalist of the YearArtistCalypso Rising1992View
Al BaptisteArranger of the YearArrangerCan1992View
X-Press BandBest Party CalypsoArtistCan Find Meh Woman1992View
X-Press BandArtistCan Find Meh Woman1992View
Sugar AloesMale Vocalist of the YearArtistCarnival Fever1992View
Denyse PlummerFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistCarnival Killer1992View
Bindley BBest New Male ArtistArtistCloudy HorizonsGrenadaNo1992View
Randy IsaacBest New Male ArtistArtistCrack PipeGrenada1992View
Colin LucasBest Creative HumorArtistDollar1992View
Colin LucasBest Calypso of the YearArtistDollar1992View
Joe BrownProducer of the YearProducerDo What you Want1992View
Julien BrowneBest Engineered RecordingEngineerDo Me As You Like1992View
Errol InceProducer of the YearProducerDemons in T & T1992View
Natasha WilsonFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistDemons in T & T1992View
Natasha WilsonBest Social CommentaryArtistDemons In T & T1992View
Colin LucasBest New Male ArtistArtistDollar1992View
Kenny JProducer of the YearProducerDrug Abuse Is Destructive1992View
Kenny JMale Vocalist of the YearArtistDrug Abuse Is Destructive1992View
Colin LucasBest Party CalypsoArtistDollar1992View
Sharlene BoodramBest New Female VocalistArtistParty Friend1993View
Singing SoniaBest Creative HumorArtistProfessional Advice1993View
ChalkdustBest Creative HumorArtistQualifications Of A Politician1993View
Singing SoniaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistProfessional Advice1993View
Singing SoniaBest New Female VocalistArtistProfessional Advice1993View
DesignerBest Calypso of the YearArtistRati-Ray1993View
Julien Williams & Leston PaulProducer of the YearProducerRati-Ray1993View
DesignerBest Party CalypsoArtistRati-Ray1993View
Cro CroBest Political CommentaryArtistSham We Doh Want It1993View
Granville StrakerRecord Producer1993View
Marcia MirandaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistThere’s More to Love1993View
Singing SandraFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistThe War Goes On1993View
Singing SandraBest Social CommentaryArtistThe War Goes On1993View
Singing SandraBest Political CommentaryArtistThe War Goes On1993View
Singing SandraBest Calypso of the YearArtistThe War Goes On1993View
DesignerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistThis Is It1993View
LutaBest Political CommentaryArtistThink Again1993View
Junior RegrelloArtistic Director1993View
Amoco Renegades1993View
Clifton Mighty Bomber RyanCalypsonian1993View
John AgitationCommedian1993View
Sundar PopoChutnuy-Soca Artist1993View
Mighty Cypher1993View
Lord Melody1993View
Kelvin HartInductee for Steelband Music1993View
Chic McCrewInductee for Steelband Music1993View
Roderick Borde1993View
Errol InceArranger of the YearArrangerUnite Caribbean People1993View
Natasha WilsonBest Social CommentaryArtistUnite Caribbean People1993View
Natasha WilsonFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistUnite Caribbean People1993View
Ella AndallFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistWomen of the Sun1993View
United SistersBest New Female VocalistArtistAmbataila Woman1993View
Shirlane HendricksonBest Creative HumorArtistBigwood ’911993View
Frankie McIntoshArranger of the YearArrangerCaribbean Party1993View
Marcia MirandaBest New Female VocalistArtistChildren Rise1993View
StalinBest Party CalypsoArtistCome With It1993View
StalinBest Political CommentaryArtistCry Of The Caribbean1993View
Colin LucasProducer of the YearProducerDoh Wine1993View
Colin LucasBest Party CalypsoArtistDoh Wine1993View
CrazyBest Calypso of the YearArtistDe Party Now Start1993View
ExplainerBest Social CommentaryArtistFast Lane1993View
ShadowBest Social CommentaryArtistHard Head1993View
Super BlueProducer of the YearProducerJab Jab1993View
Super BlueBest Party CalypsoArtistJab Jab1993View
Super BlueBest Calypso of the YearArtistJab Jab1993View
Second ImijArranger of the YearArrangerJump1993View
Second ImijProducer of the YearProducerJump1993View
Russell CadoganMale Vocalist of the YearArtistJump1993View
Second ImijBest Party CalypsoArtistJump1993View
LutaBest Social CommentaryArtistLaw & Justice1993View
Randy IsaacMale Vocalist of the YearArtistMini SkirtGrenada1993View
Yur HappeningBest Creative HumorArtistMassive Chandilier1993View
Robert GreenidgeBest Social CommentaryArtistMan Konk Out1993View
ShadowBest Calypso of the YearArtistMusic1993View
AtlantikBest Party CalypsoArtistMusic To Dance1993View
Rapso Riddum BandBest Political CommentaryArtistNever Surrender1993View
Trinidad RioBest Creative HumorArtistNo Drawers1993View
BaronBest Calypso of the YearArtistOne For The Road1993View
Leston PaulArranger of the YearArrangerOne For The Road1993View
BaronMale Vocalist of the YearArtistOne For The Road1993View
Joe BrownProducer of the YearProducerPan Is Meh Jumbie1993View
Robert GreenidgeBest Party CalypsoArtistPan Is Meh Jumbie1993View
CrazyMale Vocalist of the YearArtistPanelope1993View
Julien WilliamsProducer of the YearProducerPanelope1993View
Frankie McIntoshProducer of the YearProducerPlenty Wine1994View
David RudderBest Creative HumorArtistPotatoe1994View
Nicholas Brancker/Mac FingallProducer of the YearProducerRagga RaggaBarbados1994View
Red Plastic BagBest New Male ArtistArtistRagga RaggaBarbados1994View
Nicholas BranckerArranger of the YearArrangerRagga RaggaBarbados1994View
LutaBest Creative HumorArtistQ1994View
Ragga RaggaBest Party CalypsoArtistRed Plastic BagBarbados1994View
Wine On Ah BumseeBest Party CalypsoArtistRikki Jai1994View
Try AgainBest Calypso of the YearArtistSparrow1994View
Bacchanal TimeBest Party CalypsoArtistSuper Blue1994View
Bacchanal TimeBest Calypso of the YearArtistSuper Blue1994View
Vernon Dr. Solo BenjaminBest New Male ArtistArtistTeardropsGrenada1994View
Singing SoniaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistThe Invasion1994View
Geoffrey Holder1994View
WITCO Desperadoes Steel Orchestra1994View
Calton Zigilee Constantine / George Yeates / Hugh BordeInductee for Steelband Music1994View
Mighty Spitfire (Calton Gumbs) / Mighty Unknown (Julian Pierre)1994View
SparrowMale Vocalist of the YearArtistTry Again1994View
SparrowBest Social CommentaryArtistTry Again1994View
Whoa DonkeyBest Party CalypsoArtistUnited Sisters1994View
Whoa DonkeyBest Calypso of the YearArtistUnited Sisters1994View
DesignerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistUp1994View
Doye DoyeBest Party CalypsoArtistWayne T & Silky Slim1994View
Doye DoyeBest Calypso of the YearArtistWayne T & Silky Slim1994View
United SistersFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistWhoa Donkey1994View
Plenty WineBest Party CalypsoArtistWinston So So1994View
Singing SoniaBest Creative HumorArtistAh Man For Meh Pan1994View
Tigress (Joanne Rowley)Female Vocalist of the YearArtistAh Wine Back on You1994View
Super Blue/Eddie GrantProducer of the YearProducerBacchanal Time1994View
Jam & WineBest Party CalypsoArtistBally1994View
Black StalinBest Social CommentaryArtistBlack Man Killing Black Man1994View
Vernon Dr. Solo BenjaminArranger of the YearArrangerBumpa to BumpaGrenada1994View
NatashaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistChill Out1994View
Red Plastic BagBest Social CommentaryArtistConfidenceBarbados1994View
PaulBest Party CalypsoArtistCrazy1994View
PaulBest Calypso of the YearArtistCrazy1994View
Singing SandraFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistDiscipline1994View
Dus’ In Deh FaceBest Calypso of the YearArtistDavid Rudder1994View
David RudderMale Vocalist of the YearArtistDus In The Face1994View
Shirland King Fighter WilsonCalypsonianGuyana1994View
LutaBest Social CommentaryArtistHang Dem1994View
BaronMale Vocalist of the YearArtistHeatwave1994View
King Short ShirtBest Social CommentaryArtistHeaven Help Mankind1994View
King Short ShirtBest New Male ArtistArtistHeaven Help Mankind1994View
Lady B (Beulah Bobb)Female Vocalist of the YearArtistHeroes1994View
Sharlene BoodramFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistI Love Meh Nanny1994View
PoodyBest Creative HumorArtistHow it Hang it Swing1994View
Red Plastic BagBest Creative HumorArtistJackassBarbados1994View
David RudderBest Social CommentaryArtistL.A.1994View
Mystery BandBest Party CalypsoArtistKitchener1994View
Mystery BandBest Calypso of the YearArtistKitchener1994View
ChalkdustBest Social CommentaryArtistKaiso in the Hospital1994View
Flying CloudBest New Male ArtistArtistJust Wine BackGrenada1994View
KitchenerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistMystery Band1994View
Boyie MitchellArranger of the YearArrangerMystery Band1994View
Julian WilliamsProducer of the YearProducerMystery Band1994View
Mackie NelsonProducer of the YearProducerMystery Band1994View
Richie FrancisBest New Male ArtistArtistNobody Cares1994View
Leston PaulArranger of the YearArrangerPaul1994View
Leston PaulProducer of the YearProducerPaul1994View
Frankie McIntoshArranger of the YearArrangerPlenty Wine1994View
Winston So SoMale Vocalist of the YearArtistPlenty Wine1994View
Winston So SoBest New Male ArtistArtistPlenty Wine1994View
Leston PaulProducer of the YearProducerPlay Mr. Panist Play1995View
ShadowBest Calypso of the YearArtistPoverty Is Hell1995View
ShadowBest Social CommentaryArtistPoverty Is Hell1995View
Winston BaileyProducer of the YearProducerPoverty Is Hell1995View
Flying CloudMale Vocalist of the YearArtistSweet Sweet SweetGrenada1995View
InspectorBest Social CommentaryArtistSweet HomeGrenada1995View
InspectorBest Calypso of the YearArtistSweet HomeGrenada1995View
Kenny J.Best Social CommentaryArtistTell Dem1995View
Samuel Brigo AbrahamCalypsonian1995View
Leroy Black Stalin CallistePeople’s Choice1995View
Carl Jazzie PantinFriend of the Art1995View
Sally EdwardsChutney-Soca1995View
Amoco Renegades1995View
Dictator (Kenneth St. Bernard) / Destroyer (Calton Glasgow) / Chalkdust (Dr. Hollis Liverpool)1995View
Emmanuel Cobo Jack Riley / Oscar Pile1995View
BlacksandBest Party CalypsoArtistWhistle1995View
BlacksandArranger of the YearArrangerWhistle1995View
Julien WilliamsProducer of the YearProducerMother Earth Is Crying1995View
WizardBest Calypso of the YearArtistNew World OrderGrenada1995View
KitchenerBest Social CommentaryArtistNo Wuk For Carnival1995View
KitchenerBest Party CalypsoArtistNo Wuk For Carnival1995View
KitchenerBest Creative HumorArtistNo Wuk For Carnival1995View
Colin LucasBest Creative HumorArtistOn She Cassette1995View
David RudderBest Social CommentaryArtistOne Caribbean1995View
Prince UniqueBest Creative HumorArtistOuch1995View
PoodyBest Party CalypsoArtistPeeping Tom1995View
PoodyBest Creative HumorArtistPeeping Tom1995View
DeFostoBest Calypso of the YearArtistPlay Mr. Panist Play1995View
BaronBest Social CommentaryArtistMother Earth Is Crying1995View
BaronMale Vocalist of the YearArtistMother Earth Is Crying1995View
Leston PaulArranger of the YearArrangerMother Earth Is Crying1995View
BaronBest Calypso of the YearArtistMother Earth Is Crying1995View
Kenny PhillipsProducer of the YearProducerJump & Wave (Preacher)1995View
Chris Allman & John KingArranger of the YearArrangerJump & Wave (John King)Barbados1995View
Johnny KingMale Vocalist of the YearArtistJump & WaveBarbados1995View
Chris Allman & John KingProducer of the YearProducerJump & Wave (John King)Barbados1995View
Kenny PhillipsArranger of the YearArrangerJump & Wave (Preacher)1995View
PreacherBest Party CalypsoArtistJump & Wave1995View
Johnny KingBest Calypso of the YearArtistJump & WaveBarbados1995View
PreacherBest Calypso of the YearArtistJump & Wave1995View
Johnny KingBest Party CalypsoArtistJump & WaveBarbados1995View
Super BlueArranger of the YearArrangerJab Malassie1995View
Super BlueBest Party CalypsoArtistJab Molassie1995View
Randy IsaacBest Social CommentaryArtistIts A ParadiseGrenada1995View
Randy IsaacMale Vocalist of the YearArtistIts A ParadiseGrenada1995View
DesignerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistGoing De Distance1995View
Peter HumphreyBest Creative HumorArtistFor Keith1995View
Super BlueBest Calypso of the YearArtistFlag Party1995View
SparrowBest Social CommentaryArtistAge Is Just A Number1995View
SparrowMale Vocalist of the YearArtistAge Is Just A Number1995View
Flying CloudBest Party CalypsoArtistBacchanalGrenada1995View
Kenny JMale Vocalist of the YearArtistD. Paint Brush1995View
Eddie Grant & Super BlueProducer of the YearProducerFlag Party1995View
Stedson Plastic Bag WiltshireProducer of the YearProducerSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
Red Plastic BagBest Social CommentaryArtistSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
Nicholas BranckerBest Engineered RecordingEngineerSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
Nicholas BranckerProducer of the YearProducerSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
David RudderBest Creative HumorArtistTrail of the Boomsie1996View
Nickie InnisFriend of the Art Award1996View
Amoco Renegades1996View
Emmanuel Young Killer GilchristCalypsonian1996View
Kelvin Psycho BaptisteCalypsonian1996View
Viper (Roderick Lewis) / Lord Christo (Christopher Lidlow) / Viking (Victor Springer)1996View
Ossie Campbell / Sterling Betancourt1996View
Richie FrancisBest Creative HumorArtistWe Don’t Wave1996View
Singing AltheaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistWoman Plight1996View
Denyse PlummerFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistYour Woman1996View
Calliston PantorArranger of the YearArrangerAnother Day In Paradise1996View
David RudderBest Social CommentaryArtistAnother Day In Paradise1996View
David RudderBest Calypso of the YearArtistAnother Day In Paradise1996View
David RudderArranger of the YearArrangerAnother Day In Paradise1996View
David RudderProducer of the YearProducerAnother Day In Paradise1996View
Sundar PopoBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistBolo Gi1996View
Steve SealyBest Calypso of the YearArtistBreak Ah Way1996View
Steve SealyMale Vocalist of the YearArtistBreak Ah Way1996View
Heeralal RampatarBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistChutney Possey1996View
ChalkdustBest Social CommentaryArtistCNN Society1996View
Anand YankarranBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistDarling Ah Go Leave You1996View
GabbyMale Vocalist of the YearArtistDr. CassandraBarbados1996View
Tom Gonzales / Eddy GrantBest Engineered RecordingEngineerDr. CassandraBarbados1996View
Charles dos Santos / David OgrinBest Engineered RecordingEngineerDr. CassandraBarbados1996View
GabbyBest Calypso of the YearArtistDr. CassandraBarbados1996View
Eddy GrantArranger of the YearArrangerDr. CassandraBarbados1996View
Singing SoniaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistDon’t Hold1996View
Colin LucasBest Social CommentaryArtistDon’t Hate1996View
CrazyBest Creative HumorArtistFinish It1996View
David RudderMale Vocalist of the YearArtistHeaven1996View
Rikki JaiBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistKoyal Bholeh Peecha Wadawa1996View
Leston PaulProducer of the YearProducerKaka LeLe1996View
Denise BelfonFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistKaka LeLe1996View
John AffoonBest Engineered RecordingEngineerKaka LeLe1996View
Denise BelfonBest Calypso of the YearArtistKaka LeLe1996View
InspectorBest Calypso of the YearArtistMadnessGrenada1996View
Sally EdwardsBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistLotay Lah1996View
Nicholas BranckerProducer of the YearProducerObadeleBarbados1996View
Edwin YearwoodMale Vocalist of the YearArtistObadeleBarbados1996View
Nicholas BranckerBest Engineered RecordingEngineerObadeleBarbados1996View
Edwin YearwoodBest Calypso of the YearArtistObadeleBarbados1996View
Nicholas BranckerArranger of the YearArrangerObadeleBarbados1996View
King AjamuMale Vocalist of the YearArtistOn The Road AgainGrenada1996View
Eric MichaudProducer of the YearProducerOn The Road1996View
Austin LyonsProducer of the YearProducerOn The Road1996View
Emanuel EctorProducer of the YearProducerOn The Road1996View
King AjamuBest Social CommentaryArtistOn The RoadGrenada1996View
Eric MichaudBest Engineered RecordingEngineerOn The Road1996View
Ronnie McIntoshBest Calypso of the YearArtistOn The Road1996View
Emanuel EctorArranger of the YearArrangerOn The Road1996View
Colin LucasBest Creative HumorArtistOne Foot Man1996View
DesignerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistPan In Manhattan1996View
Marcia MirandaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistRaggamuffin Behavior1996View
Super BlueBest Calypso of the YearArtistSignal for Lara1996View
Juiceman RobertsArranger of the YearArrangerSignal for Lara1996View
Super BlueBest Social CommentaryArtistSignal For Lara1996View
Juiceman RobertsProducer of the YearProducerSignal For Lara1996View
Steadman WiltshireArranger of the YearArrangerSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
Nicholas BranckerArranger of the YearArrangerSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
Red Plastic BagBest Calypso of the YearArtistSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
Mac FingalProducer of the YearProducerSomething In The MusicBarbados1996View
Amoco Renegades1997View
Ed Watson1997View
Black James (Norman James) / Fisheye (Rudolph Olivierre)1997View
Leston PaulArranger of the YearArrangerWeakness for Sweetness1997View
Los DinamicosBest Soca-Parang RecordingArtistWe Parang Now1997View
ResistanceBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupArtistWhen We All Get To Heaven1997View
J. Errol LewisBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupArtistWhen We All Get To Heaven1997View
Ken PhilmoreBest Recording By A Pan SoloistWhat’s Going On1997View
Marilyn JosephBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupArtistWoman of Integrity1997View
Denyse PlummerFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistMind Yur Business1997View
Denyse PlummerBest Creative HumorArtistMind Yur Business1997View
Dread & The BaldheadBest Creative HumorArtistMe D Ras1997View
ChalkdustBest Political CommentaryArtistMan In The Garden1997View
Sharlene BoodramBest Soca-Parang RecordingArtistMamacita1997View
AjamuBest Social CommentaryArtistLove Thy NeighborGrenada1997View
PrincessFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistLove MeGrenada1997View
PrincessBest Recording for ChildrenArtistLove MeGrenada1997View
PrincessBest New Female VocalistArtistLove MeGrenada1997View
Sonny MannBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistLootala1997View
Ossie CurlyArranger of the YearArrangerMovingCanada1997View
Nigel LewisArranger of the YearArrangerMoving1997View
Ossie CurlyProducer of the YearProducerMovingCanada1997View
Nigel LewisProducer of the YearProducerMoving1997View
Nigel LewisBest Party CalypsoArtistMoving1997View
Nigel LewisBest New Male ArtistArtistMoving1997View
Nigel LewisBest Calypso of the YearArtistMoving1997View
Sephernia AllardArtistMuevete1997View
Sabina AllardArtistMuevete1997View
Monica RogersArtistMuevete1997View
Genevieve Allard-SealsArtistMuevete1997View
Brother ResistanceBest Political CommentaryArtistMurderer1997View
Clive BradleyBest Recording By A Pan SoloistMy Cherie Amor1997View
Sammie CBest Political CommentaryArtistNyaming We Money Free1997View
Phase 11 Pan GroveBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraPan Rising1997View
Barry BartholomewArranger of the YearArrangerPanazz1997View
Sharlene BoodramFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistPeace & Love1997View
Nigel LewisBest Rapso RecordingArtistPuwah1997View
CrazyBest Social CommentaryArtistPut Your House In Order1997View
AjamuBest Party CalypsoArtistPush It BackGrenada1997View
Roots SteelbandBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraReady to go1997View
Nigel AshbyBest New Male ArtistArtistRemember When1997View
Brother ResistanceBest Rapso RecordingArtistRight Move1997View
Quynton GoodingBest New Male ArtistArtistRemember When1997View
Marcia MirandaBest Social CommentaryArtistSearch For A Big Song1997View
Andre TankerBest Recording for ChildrenArtistSayamanda1997View
Nigel LewisBest Recording for ChildrenArtistSay A Prayer1997View
Panazz PlayersBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraShadow of your Smile1997View
Brian MorrisBest Engineered RecordingEngineerSo Nanny So Nanny1997View
AjalaMale Vocalist of the YearArtistSo Nanny So Nanny1997View
NoelBest Engineered RecordingEngineerSoca Kingdom1997View
David EnglishBest Engineered RecordingEngineerSoca Kingdom1997View
Rolling TonesBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandSoca Man1997View
Rolling TonesBest Party CalypsoArtistSoca Man1997View
SwallowMale Vocalist of the YearArtistSoca Kingdom1997View
Edwin YearwoodBest Calypso of the YearArtistSomething GreaterBarbados1997View
Edwin YearwoodBest Recording for ChildrenArtistSomething GreaterBarbados1997View
Edwin YearwoodMale Vocalist of the YearArtistSomething GreaterBarbados1997View
XtatikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandTake Ah Borrow1997View
XtatikBest Party CalypsoArtistTake Ah Borrow1997View
Sammie CFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistTerror and The Madness1997View
D Rebels BandBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandThe Car Key1997View
Zahir KhanBest Engineered RecordingEngineerThanks To D Music1997View
Frank AgarratBest Engineered RecordingEngineerThanks To D Music1997View
Andy NarellBest Engineered RecordingEngineerThanks To D Music1997View
David RudderBest Political CommentaryArtistThe Strange Tale of Madame Occhahontas1997View
AjamuBest Soca-Parang RecordingArtistThe Parang BandGrenada1997View
Mighty Terror (Fitzgerald Henry) / Lord Burgis (Irving Burgie)1997View
CrazyBest Party CalypsoArtistThis Is Madness1997View
SwallowBest Social CommentaryArtistThis Antigua1997View
Sammie CBest New Female VocalistArtistTreat Me Nice1997View
Robert GreenidgeBest Recording By A Pan SoloistTrini Style1997View
Black StalinCalypsonian1997View
Joe BrownProducer of the YearProducerCrabs In Ah Barrel1997View
KindredBest Rapso RecordingArtistDo You Like It1997View
Marcia MirandaBest Calypso of the YearArtistDey Cyar Kill Kaiso1997View
JasonBest Creative HumorArtistDavid’s EtiquetteCanada1997View
Marcia MirandaBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistDance Doulahin Dance1997View
Marcia MirandaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistCyah Kill Kaiso1997View
Mac FingalBest Party CalypsoArtistEnt Got NothingBarbados1997View
Lord KitchenerBest Political CommentaryArtistElection Day1997View
Nicholas BranckerProducer of the YearProducerDown De RoadBarbados1997View
Edwin YearwoodBest Social CommentaryArtistDown De RoadBarbados1997View
KrosfyahBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandDown De RoadBarbados1997View
Edwin YearwoodBest Party CalypsoArtistDown De RoadBarbados1997View
Nicholas BranckerBest Engineered RecordingEngineerDown De RoadBarbados1997View
Nicholas BranckerArranger of the YearArrangerDown De RoadBarbados1997View
JasonBest Recording for ChildrenArtistDope Is Not The AnswerCanada1997View
SwallowBest Calypso of the YearArtistDon’t Tease Me Tonight1997View
AtlantikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandFollow Me1997View
AtlantikBest Party CalypsoArtistFollow Me1997View
Ronnie McIntoshMale Vocalist of the YearArtistFlying Time1997View
Ronnie McIntoshBest Party CalypsoArtistFlying Time1997View
Small Island Pride (Theophilus Woods)Grenada1997View
Noel RichardsBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupArtistGospelypso1997View
Marie BrooksDancer1997View
Romena AliBest New Female VocalistArtistGup Chup Gup ChupCanada1997View
ZIN BandRecipientHaiti1997View
Andre TankerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistHere & Now1997View
Andre TankerProducer of the YearProducerHere & Now1997View
Marilyn JosephBest New Female VocalistArtistIdentity Crisis1997View
Gerald CharlesBest Recording By A Pan SoloistI Can See Clearly Now1997View
TaurusBest New Male ArtistArtistJam of ClassCanada1997View
Carl HendersonProducer of the YearProducerJahaji Bhai1997View
Brother MarvinBest Social CommentaryArtistJahaji Bhai1997View
Carl Beaver HendersonBest Engineered RecordingEngineerJahaji Bhai1997View
Brother MarvinBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistJahaji Bhai1997View
Brother MarvinBest Calypso of the YearArtistJahaji Bhai1997View
Carliste RobertsArranger of the YearArrangerJahaji Bhai1997View
Carl HendersonArranger of the YearArrangerJahaji Bhai1997View
AjamuBest Recording for ChildrenArtistLets Get SeriousGrenada1997View
Elsworth JamesBest Social CommentaryArtistCrabs In Ah BarrelCanada1997View
Elsworth JamesBest Calypso of the YearArtistCrabs In Ah BarrelCanada1997View
Wendell Man WarrenArtistCome Out of The Road Warrior1997View
StantonArtistCome Out of The Road Warrior1997View
Roger RobertsArtistCome Out of The Road Warrior1997View
John IssacsArtistCome Out of The Road Warrior1997View
ChantwellBest Rapso RecordingArtistClear De Way1997View
Sharlene BoodramBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistChutney Time1997View
JMC TriveniBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandChutney Possey1997View
Sandra DopsonArtistChutney Bacchnal1997View
Cheryl SeheultArtistChutney Bacchnal1997View
Ryan RomanyProducer of the YearProducerChutney Bacchanal1997View
Chris GarciaMale Vocalist of the YearArtistChutney Bacchanal1997View
Chriss GarciaBest Party CalypsoArtistChutney Bacchanal1997View
Chris GarciaBest New Male ArtistArtistChutney Bacchanal1997View
Ryan RomanyBest Engineered RecordingEngineerChutney Bacchanal1997View
Chris GarciaBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistChutney Bacchanal1997View
Ryan RomanyArranger of the YearArrangerChutney Bacchanal1997View
AjamuBest Calypso of the YearArtistChristinaGrenada1997View
AjamuMale Vocalist of the YearArtistChristinaGrenada1997View
David RudderBest Calypso of the YearArtistA Mad Man’s Rant1997View
David RudderBest Social CommentaryArtistA Mad Man’s Rant1997View
Earl BrooksBest Recording By A Pan SoloistBig Belly Man1997View
JauntyBest Creative HumorArtistBobalist1997View
JauntyBest Political CommentaryArtistBobolist1997View
Canadian National Indian OrchestraBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistBolo Ta Ra RaCanada1997View
ShabakaBest New Male ArtistArtistCaribbean Voice1997View
SwallowBest Political CommentaryArtistCDC1997View
KindredBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandCelebration1997View
The Mighty SparrowLifetime Achievement AwardCalypsonian1998View
David RudderArtist1998View
Kim JohnsonThe SUNSHINE Award for Journalism1998View
SprangalangBest Creative HumorTwo Cords1998View
The United Nations SingersSpecial Recognition for Contribution to World Music1998View
TwiggyFemale Vocalist of the YearUp Under Me1998View
AjamuMale Vocalist of the YearWadadaGrenada1998View
BallyBest Calypso of the YearWe Coming Back1998View
Sammie CBest Political CommentaryWe Great Too-VC1998View
BecketMale Vocalist of the YearBig Fly1998View
BeckettBest Party CalypsoBig Fly1998View
Frankie McIntoshArranger of the YearArrangerBig Fly1998View
Sheldon Benjamin & Machel MontanoArranger of the YearArrangerBig Truck1998View
3 CanalBest Rapso RecordingBlue1998View
3 CanalBest New Male ArtistBlue1998View
3 CanalBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandBlue1998View
Skiffle BunchBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraCall to the Ancestors1998View
Carlton Lord Blakie JosephRecipientCalypso1998View
Clifton Bomber RyanRecipientCalypso1998View
ChalkdustBest Political CommentaryCaribbean Leaders1998View
Annan YankaranBest Chutney-Soca RecordingCaura River1998View
Sundar PopoBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChalbo Kihahi1998View
OnyanMale Vocalist of the YearCongo Line1998View
OnyanProducer of the YearProducerCrazyman1998View
VictorioBest Creative HumorDoctorCanada1998View
ConnectorBest New Male ArtistDanceCanada1998View
Joe BrownProducer of the YearProducerEnt??1998View
Ronnie McIntoshBest Rapso RecordingEnt??1998View
Ronnie McIntoshBest Party CalypsoEnt??1998View
Ronnie McIntoshMale Vocalist of the YearEnt1998View
TraffikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandDown Sando1998View
Nigel LewisBest Party CalypsoFollow The Leader1998View
Dread & The BaldheadBest Recording for ChildrenGod Is Love1998View
Dennis DeSouzaContribution to Caribbean MusicGuyana1998View
The PhantomsBandHaiti1998View
Dread & The BaldheadBest Creative HumorHard Wurk1998View
SwallowBest Political CommentaryIts About Time1998View
Rita MarleyContribution to Caribbean MusicJamaica1998View
Carlene DavisContribution to Caribbean MusicJamaica1998View
Roots SteelbandBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraJenny1998View
GypsyBest Social CommentaryLittle Black Boys1998View
GypsyBest Recording for ChildrenLittle Black Boys1998View
Denyse PlummerFemale Vocalist of the YearMisbehave1998View
ChantwellBest Rapso RecordingMorning Ground1998View
Melanie HudsonFemale Vocalist of the YearMy Calypso1998View
Carl Beaver HendersonProducer of the YearMusic ProducerNah Leaving1998View
KitchenerBest Political CommentaryNo Wuk Band1998View
Singing SandraBest Social CommentaryOne Destiny1998View
Sugar AloesBest Political CommentaryOne Caribbean1998View
Singing SandraFemale Vocalist of the YearOne Destiny1998View
DeFostoBest Calypso of the YearPan In Town1998View
Leston PaulArranger of the YearArrangerPan In Town1998View
DesignerMale Vocalist of the YearPan Is Money1998View
Black StalinBest Recording for ChildrenPeople of the Earth1998View
Black StalinBest Calypso of the YearPeople of the Earth1998View
Carlysle RobertsArranger of the YearArrangerPeople of the Earth1998View
Black StalinBest Social CommentaryPeople of the Earth1998View
Carlysle RobertsProducer of the YearProducerPeople of the Earth1998View
VictorioBest Social CommentaryRainbow PeopleCanada1998View
VictorioBest New Male ArtistRainbowCanada1998View
Nicholas BranckerProducer of the YearProducerRedemptionBarbados1998View
KrosfyahBest Social CommentaryRedemptionBarbados1998View
KrosfyahBest Recording for ChildrenRedemptionBarbados1998View
KrosfyahBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandRoad BlockBarbados1998View
KrosfyahBest Party CalypsoRoad BlockBarbados1998View
General GrantBest Rapso RecordingSoca Billboard1998View
FiggyBest New Male ArtistSoca Pilgrimage1998View
Leon ColderoBest Chutney-Soca RecordingSpicy & Peppery1998View
Bertie MarshallRecipientSteelband1998View
Cecil Catarrh Nose AugustineRecipientSteelband1998View
KitchenerBest Calypso of the YearThe Guitar Pan1998View
Los Amigos De JesusBest Soca-Parang RecordingThe Meaning of Christmas1998View
ChalkdustBest Social CommentaryThe New Menu1998View
Peter MinshallFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE Award1998View
Kenny JBest Creative HumorAlexander1998View
Kenny JBest Soca-Parang RecordingAlexander1998View
AtlantikBest Calypso of the YearAll Aboard1998View
Nicholas BranckerArranger of the YearArrangerAll AboardBarbados1998View
AtlantikBest Party CalypsoAll Aboard1998View
AtlantikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandAll Aboard1998View
AsophonicsBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraBe Still My Soul1998View
JMC TriveniBest Chutney-Soca RecordingBasmatie1998View
XtatikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandBig Truck1998View
Machel MontanoBest Party CalypsoBig Truck1998View
Frankie McIntoshProducer of the YearProducerBig Fly1998View
Leston PaulArranger of the YearArrangerHow It Go Look1999View
David RudderProducer of the YearProducerHigh Mas1999View
King CosmosBest New Male ArtistArtistJammin-Dis One HotCanada1999View
Denyse PlummerBest Recording for ChildrenArtistLegend Lord Kitchener1999View
JauntyBest Caribbean / French-Creole Pop-Ballad RecordingArtistLadje Mwem1999View
Nicholas BranckerProducer of the YearProducerKitty CatBarbados1999View
Square OneBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandKitty CatBarbados1999View
Square OneBest Calypso of the YearArtistKitty CatBarbados1999View
Nicholas BranckerArranger of the YearArrangerKitty CatBarbados1999View
OnyanMale Vocalist of the YearArtistLife In The Ghetto1999View
Trinidad All StarsBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraMe and Mih Lady1999View
Frankie McIntoshArranger of the YearArrangerMaria1999View
JauntyBest Recording for ChildrenArtistMothers Feel The Pain1999View
JauntyBest Social CommentaryArtistMothers Feel The Pain1999View
3-CanalBest Rapso RecordingArtistMud Maddness1999View
OshaBest Recording for ChildrenArtistNumber One1999View
Roots SteelbandBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraOh When the Saints1999View
StarliffBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraO’Trinidad1999View
PanazzBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraOld Lady Walk A Mile1999View
Amoco RenegadesBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraPan For Carnival1999View
Mystic ProwlerBest Creative HumorArtistPC Man1999View
GypsyBest Social CommentaryArtistPick Yourself Up1999View
Sharlene BoodramBest Caribbean / French-Creole Pop-Ballad RecordingArtistPour Un Ami1999View
KanchanBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistRadha KaniyaIndia1999View
Nydia CaroContribution to Caribbean Latin Music1999View
TriveniBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistRool It Batie1999View
PhantomsBest Caribbean / French-Creole Pop-Ballad RecordingArtistSonjeHaiti1999View
Dr. Hans GeiserFriend of the ArtSwitzerland1999View
AtlantikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandSuzanna1999View
KitchenerBest Calypso of the YearArtistSymphony On The Street1999View
ChalkdustBest Political CommentaryArtistThe New Menu1999View
ZinBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandTi RandevouHaiti1999View
XtatikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandToro Toro1999View
Young Killer (Emmanuel Daniel Jardine Gilchrist)1999View
Nap Hepburn and the March of Dimes1999View
Lord Brynner (Kade Simon)1999View
Grace BlakeContribution to the Arts1999View
Desperadoes Steel orchestra1999View
David RudderCalypsonian1999View
Sydney Gollop / Hazel Henley1999View
Plastic BagMale Vocalist of the YearArtistWhat Kind of WorldBarbados1999View
Plastic BagBest Social CommentaryArtistWhat Kind of WorldBarbados1999View
Red Plastic BagBest Calypso of the YearArtistWhat Kind of WorldBarbados1999View
SparrowBest Creative HumorArtistWillie Dead1999View
Errol InceArranger of the YearArrangerWillie Dead1999View
3rd BassBest Rapso RecordingArtistWoman1999View
Mystic ProwlerBest Political CommentaryArtistYear 2010 / Version of TnT1999View
Singing AltheaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistViolence1999View
Singing AltheaBest Social CommentaryArtistViolence1999View
Singing FrancineBest Creative HumorArtistBajan TalkBarbados1999View
Mystic ProwlerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistBelow The Surface1999View
Mystic ProwlerBest Social CommentaryArtistBelow The Surface1999View
Mystic ProwlerBest Recording for ChildrenArtistBelow The Surface1999View
Mystic ProwlerBest Calypso of the YearArtistBelow The Surface1999View
T-ViceBest Caribbean / French-Creole Pop-Ballad RecordingArtistBidi Bidi Bam BamFrance1999View
Kenneth SeepersadBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistBonjay1999View
Singing FrancineFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistCarnival In My LandBarbados1999View
General ValMale Vocalist of the YearArtistCaribbean Woman1999View
General ValBest New Male ArtistArtistCaribbean Woman1999View
King ZacariBest Political CommentaryArtistCari Com1999View
Denyse PlummerFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistCarnival Queen1999View
GypsyBest Recording for ChildrenArtistChildren of the Revolution1999View
Singing AltheaBest Political CommentaryArtistChoices1999View
Ozzie GurleyArranger of the YearArrangerDoh PromiseCanada1999View
Allison HindsFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistDJ RideBarbados1999View
Square OneBest Party CalypsoArtistDJ RideBarbados1999View
Lady SpencerBest Rapso RecordingArtistD Ring Bi Ding Song1999View
Singing SandraBest Creative HumorArtistEqualizer1999View
Rikki JaiBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistDulahin1999View
Singing SandraFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistEqualizer1999View
Barry BartholomewProducer of the YearProducerFeelin Good1999View
Sheldon WebsterProducer of the YearProducerFeelin Good1999View
Black LyricsBest Rapso RecordingArtistFeeling Woi Woi1999View
Wayne RodriguezBest Calypso of the YearArtistFootsteps1999View
Wayne RodriguezBest Party CalypsoArtistFoorsteps1999View
Rolling TonesBest Party CalypsoArtistFlag Zone1999View
Celia SamarooBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistGimme ChutneyGuyana1999View
David RudderBest Party CalypsoArtistHigh Mas1999View
David RudderBest Calypso of the YearArtistHigh Mas1999View
Wayne BrunoArranger of the YearArrangerHigh Mas1999View
ExodustBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraHigh Mas1999View
David RudderBest Social CommentaryArtistHigh Mas1999View
David RudderMale Vocalist of the YearArtistHigh Mas1999View
KindredBest Rapso RecordingArtistI Believe1999View
Leston PaulProducer of the YearProducerHow It Go Look1999View
Joe BrownProducer of the YearProducerHow It Go Look1999View
KrosfyahBest Party CalypsoArtistAppetiteBarbados1999View
KrosfyahBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandAppetiteBarbados1999View
Errol FabienBest New Male ArtistArtistAto Tea Party1999View
ZinBest Caribbean / French-Creole Pop-Ballad RecordingArtistAll I WantHaiti1999View
Singing SandraCalypso of the YearArtistVoices From The Ghetto2000View
Singing SandraFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistVoices of the Ghetto2000View
Singing SandraBest Social CommentaryArtistVoices of the Ghetto2000View
Red Plastic BagMale Vocalist of the YearArtistVolcanoBarbados2000View
Red Plastic BagBest Party CalypsoArtistVolcanoBarbados2000View
General valBest Social CommentaryArtistUnity2000View
TwiggyBest Creative HumorArtistUp Under Me2000View
Andy Narell2000View
Sammie CBest Political CommentaryArtistUnite Dem Feeding Horse2000View
Desperadoes Steel OrchestraThe Lord Kitchener Sunshine AwardTrinidad & Tobago Panorama Champions2000View
Lenox Bobby Mohammed / Jerry Jemott2000View
Striker (Percy Oblington) / Superior (Andrew Marcano) / Brigo (Samuel Abrahm)2000View
Peter PittsFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardFriend of the Art2000View
3 CanalGroup2000View
Allison HindsFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistTogethernessBarbados2000View
Nicholas Brancker / Terry ArthurBest Engineered RecordingEngineerTogethernessBarbados2000View
Brother ResistanceBest Rapso RecordingArtistHandclapping Song2000View
Mystic ProwlerMale Vocalist of the YearArtistHealing of a Nation2000View
Mystic ProwlerCalypso of the YearArtistHealing of A Nation2000View
Nikki CrosbyBest Creative HumorArtistI Learn To Wine2000View
Kenny JBest Soca-Parang RecordingArtistHush Yur Mouth2000View
Babla & KanchanBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistHum Na JaibeIndia2000View
Panazz Steel OrchestraBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraHouse t House Medley2000View
SamBest New Male ArtistArtistJazz Up the Soca2000View
CrazyBest Political CommentaryArtistLeaders2000View
Los DinamicosBest Caribbean / Latin Tropical AlbumGroupLatino Soca Parranda2000View
SkandalBest Caribbean / French-Creole Tropical AlbumArtistLakou LakayHaiti2000View
Nigel & Marvin LewisBest Recording for ChildrenArtistKeep The Faith2000View
ZinBest Caribbean / French-Creole Tropical AlbumBandKanpe Sou Yon BitHaiti2000View
Marilyn JosephBest Recording for ChildrenArtistLet Me Be Your Friend2000View
Singing FrancineBest Social CommentaryArtistLove Your MotherBarbados2000View
Viento De AguaBest Caribbean / Latin Tropical AlbumBandLo Que Le Gosta A La Gente2000View
Pamberi Steel OrchestraBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraOrchestraMission Impossible2000View
TriveniBest Chutney-Soca RecordingBandMorbalam2000View
Singing AltheaFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistNice Time2000View
TallpreeBest Party CalypsoArtistOld Woman AloneGrenada2000View
Nodley FrederickProducer of the YearProducerOld Woman AloneGrenada2000View
Nodley FrederickArranger of the YearArrangerOld Woman AloneGrenada2000View
Nodley FrederickBest Engineered RecordingEngineerOld Woman AloneGrenada2000View
George LamondBest New Male ArtistArtistQue Te Vas2000View
FunnyBest Recording for ChildrenArtistRead Something2000View
FunnyCalypso of the YearArtistRead Something2000View
Marilyn Destiny JosephBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupArtistRejoice2000View
K DansBest Caribbean / French-Creole Tropical AlbumArtistS. O. S.France2000View
Wilkins VelezBest Caribbean / Latin Tropical AlbumArtistSaque Bombom2000View
Noel Professor RichardsBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupArtistSavavvah2000View
XtatikBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandShowdown2000View
BecketMale Vocalist of the YearArtistSmall Pin2000View
Carol Hodge / CurlanBest Engineered RecordingEngineerSmall Pin2000View
Frankie McIntoshArranger of the YearArrangerSmall Pin2000View
Frankie McIntoshProducer of the YearProducerSmall Pin2000View
BecketBest Party CalypsoArtistSmall Pin2000View
GypsyMale Vocalist of the YearArtistSoul of the Nation2000View
GypsyCalypso of the YearArtistSoul of the Nation2000View
GypsyBest Social CommentaryArtistSoul of the Nation2000View
3 CanalBest Rapso RecordingGroupTalk Yur Talk2000View
3 CanalBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandGroupTalk Yur Talk2000View
3 CanalProducer of the YearTalk Yur Talk2000View
Sheldon BenjamineArranger of the YearArrangerTalk Yur Talk2000View
3 CanalBest Engineered RecordingGroupTalk Yur Talk2000View
3 CanalBest Political CommentaryArtistTalk Yur Talk2000View
Bill NewmanBest Creative HumorArtistTalk ShowsCanada2000View
Bill NewmanBest New Male ArtistArtistTalk ShowsCanada2000View
FunnyBest Creative HumorArtistTime Really Flies2000View
Lord KitchenerBest Social CommentaryArtistToco Band2000View
Square OneBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandTogethernessBarbados2000View
Square OneBest Party CalypsoArtistTogethernessBarbados2000View
Nicholas Brancker / Terry ArthurProducer of the YearTogethernessBarbados2000View
Nichplas Brancker / Terry ArthurArranger of the YearTogethernessBarbados2000View
KrosfyahBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandAppetiteBarbados2000View
Los DinamicosBest Soca-Parang RecordingGroupBack A Yard2000View
Red Plastic BagArtistBarbados2000View
Marcia MirandaBest Soca-Parang RecordingArtistBring Out De Ham2000View
Karega MandellaBest Rapso RecordingArtistCarnival Is2000View
StringsBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandCarnival TropicalHaiti2000View
Sanell DempsterBest Party CalypsoArtistDe River2000View
Sanell DempsterCalypso of the YearArtistDe River2000View
Terrance JamesProducer of the YearProducerDe River2000View
Terrance JamesArranger of the YearArrangerDe River2000View
Sanell DempsterFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistDe River2000View
ConnectorBest Social CommentaryArtistDe Nations CriesCanada2000View
Joel Connector DavisBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupArtistDe Nation CriesCanada2000View
George LamaondBest Caribbean / Latin Tropical AlbumArtistEmtrega2000View
DrupateeBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistDrupatee Style2000View
DrupateeFemale Vocalist of the YearArtistDrupatee Style2000View
ScrunterBest Soca-Parang RecordingArtistDrinking Anything2000View
StringsBest Caribbean / French-Creole Tropical AlbumBandFlamenco TropicalHaiti2000View
Shurwayne WinchesterMale Vocalist of the YearArtistGet Out Of My Dreams2000View
Shurwayne WinchesterBest New Male ArtistArtistGet Out of My Dreams2000View
Noel Professor RichardsBest Rapso RecordingArtistGod Is Good2000View
Sybil ChesterFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardFriend of the ArtGuyana2000View
Anand YankaranBest Chutney-Soca RecordingArtistHabada Lakay Anah2000View
The 2001 Sunshine AwardsSunshine Awards 2001Was Cancelled Due ToSeptember 11 Terrorists2001View
Denyse PlummerCalypso of the YearCalypsonianNah Leaving2002View
Denyse PlummerFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianNah Leaving2002View
Carl Beaver HendersonArranger of the YearArrangerNah Leaving2002View
Denyse PlummerBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianNah Leaving2002View
Carl Beaver HendersonProducer of the YearProducerNah Leaving2002View
Carl Beaver Henderson1998 Journalist AwardProducerNah Leaving2002View
Marilyn JosephFemale Vocalist of the YearGospel ArtistNo Matter2002View
Sean DanielMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianNumbers2002View
Sean DanielBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianNumbers2002View
CNIOArranger of the YearGroupO Mere Dil Ke ChainCanada2002View
Sean DanielBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupGospel ArtistNumbers2002View
TrafficBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandParty Like We2002View
TrafficBest Party CalypsoBandParty Like We2002View
Traffic ManBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChutney ArtistRamrageeCanada2002View
KrosfyahBest Party CalypsoBandSak PaseBarbados2002View
KrosfyahBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandSal PaseBarbados2002View
Candice AlcantaraBest New Female VocalistPerforming ArtistSo Far Away2002View
Candice AlcantaraFemale Vocalist of the YearPerforming ArtistSpirit of the Music2002View
Ming / elan parleArranger of the YearArrangerSpirit of Music2002View
Ming / elan parleProducer of the YearGroupSpirit of Music2002View
Jeff Pelay Elva2002View
Winston Baily (Shadow)Producer of the YearCalypsonianStranger2002View
Winston Bailey (Shadow) / Fitz Melo Thomas / Carl Beaver HendersonArranger of the YearCalypsonian / ArrangerStranger2002View
Skiffle BunchBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraSteelband OrchestraStranger2002View
ShadowBest Party CalypsoCalypsonianStranger2002View
CrazyMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianTogether2002View
CrazyBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianTogether2002View
Margaret WoodroffeBest New Female VocalistArtistTomorrow2002View
CrazyCalypso of the YearCalypsonianTogether2002View
Sonny Francois (Mighty Power)Calypsonian2002View
Clifford Alexis2002View
Garfield Blackman (Ras Shorty I)Calypsonian2002View
Aubrey AdamsFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardFriend of the Arts2002View
Sullivan WalkerActing2002View
Boscoe Holder2002View
Noel Professor RichardsBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupGospel ArtistTrue or Lie2002View
Nicholas BrankerProducer of the YearProducerVegetarianBarbados2002View
Square OneBest Party CalypsoBandWine BackBarbados2002View
Square OneBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandWine BackBarbados2002View
Ranjan RamdassProducer of the YearProducerYe Dil Mein Rehne WaleCanada2002View
DesperadoesBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraSteelband OrchestraYur Looking for Horn2002View
Edwin YearwoodBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianVegitarianBarbados2002View
Edwin YearwoodMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianVegetarianBarbados2002View
Nicholas BranckerArranger of the YearArrangerVegetarianBarbados2002View
Neal & Massy Trinidad All StarsThe Lord Kitchener Sunshine Award2002 Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Champions2002View
ExodusBest Recording by Steelband SoloistSteelband OrchestraA Happy Song2002View
McClean Emmanuel (Mighty Short Shirt)Calypsonian2002View
George Eric MoxeyCaribbean (Posthumously)2002View
DrupateeBest Soca-Parang RecordingChutney ArtistChutney Parang2002View
Traffic ManBest Soca-Parang RecordingChutney ArtistChutney Parang SweetCanada2002View
Nicole WilsonBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupGospel ArtistDeclare2002View
Nicole WilsonBest New Female VocalistPerforming ArtistDeclare2002View
ScrunterBest Soca-Parang RecordingCalypsonian / ArrangerEat Something2002View
Rikki JaiBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChutney ArtistDulahin2002View
JMC TriveniBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChutney BandDr. Sampat2002View
Phase 11 Pan GroveBest Recording by Steelband OrchestraSteelband OrchestraFreedom2002View
Pelham GoddardArranger of the YearArrangerGood News2002View
Marilyn JosephBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupGospel ArtistGimme Room2002View
Scrunter & Nikki CrosbyBest Creative HumorCalypsonian / ComedianGimme A Break2002View
Wayne RodriguezMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianHeroes of A Nation2002View
Wayne RodriguezBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianHeroes of A Nation2002View
Margaret WoodroffeBest Gospelypso Recording by Duo or GroupGospel ArtistHold On To Your Family2002View
ShadowBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianHIV2002View
Black PrinceBest Creative HumorCalypsonianIt Done Happen Already2002View
Olive LewinJamaican Folk MusicJamaica2002View
Dobby DobsonReggae MusicJamaica2002View
LutaCalypso of the YearCalypsonianJamoo Woman2002View
LutaMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianJamoo Woman2002View
Anthony Voisin & elan parleBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandJust Another F in Jam2002View
T. C.Calypso of the YearCalypsonianKimBarbados2002View
T. C.Female Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianKimBarbados2002View
T. C.Best Party CalypsoCalypsonianKimBarbados2002View
Babla & KanchanBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChutney ArtistKahe MareIndia2002View
CNIOBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandKabhi AansonCanada2002View
ShadowCalypso of the YearCalypsonianLooking For Horn2002View
ShadowBest Creative HumorCalypsonianLooking for Horn2002View
Burning FlamesBest Party CalypsoBandMud Dung2002View
Burning FlamesBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandBandMud Dung2002View
Frantz VoltaireMovie ProducerHaiti2003View
Red Plastic BagMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistIn Meh PantsBarbados2003View
Freddie McGregorPerforming ArtistJamaica2003View
ScrunterBest Party CalypsoCalypsonian / Performing ArtistJumbie2003View
ScrunterMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistJumbie2003View
HeeralalBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChutner Performing ArtistLeh We Go To Mayaro2003View
PreacherBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChutner Performing ArtistMy Dulahin2003View
Fay-Ann LyonsBest Party CalypsoCalypsonian / Performing ArtistMy Time Now2003View
Fay-Ann LyonsFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistMy Time Now2003View
Man-ChildBest Social CommentaryCalypsonian / Performing ArtistNow For Now Mentality2003View
Rikki Jai & Double DBest Chutney-Soca RecordingChutner Performing ArtistScopian2003View
CrazyMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistShoes2003View
CrazyBest Social CommentaryCalypsonian / Performing ArtistShoes2003View
Kenneth BlakeFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardPromoter2003View
TrafficBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandDance BandTake Yur Time2003View
Paul Keens-DouglasDrama / Comedy2003View
Mighty Dougla / Clytus AliCalypsonian2003View
Mighty Caruso / Emmanuel PierreCalypsonian2003View
ExodusThe Lord Kitchener SUNSHINE Award2003View
Vernon Bertie Manette2003View
Curtis Anthony Pierre2003View
Lord Creator / Kenrick Randolph PatrickCalypsonian2003View
Kevin LyttleMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistTurn Me OnBarbados2003View
Allison HindsFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistWine BackBarbados2003View
Jean JulienHistorianHaiti2003View
Tabou ComboHaitian bandHaiti2003View
DeFostoBest Party CalypsoCalypsonian / Performing ArtistFirestorm2003View
Singing AltheaBest Social CommentaryCalypsonian / Performing ArtistExposed2003View
Singing AltheaFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistExposed2003View
Square OneBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandDance BandDon’t Stop The CarnivalBarbados2003View
Burning FlamesBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandDance BandChildren Call Een2003View
Sanelle DempterFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistChances2003View
Denyse PlummerFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonian / Performing ArtistCathersis2003View
RupeeBest Party CalypsoCalypsonian / Performing ArtistBlame It On The MusicBarbados2003View
Arturo TappinMusicianBarbados2003View
3 Canal / Andre TankerBest Party CalypsoCalypsonian / Performing ArtistBen Lion2003View
DeFostoBest Social CommentaryCalypsonian / Performing ArtistAre We The Mecca For True2003View
KrosfyahBest Recording by a Group or Dance BandDance BandActionBarbados2003View
King T-MoMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianWoman Dezerve the Best2004View
ConnectorBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianWhere Family Values GoneCanada2004View
KrosfyahCalypso of the YearCalypsonianWe ComingBarbados2004View
Ivan WilliamsFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardPromoter2004View
Alan Gervais (Posthumously)Pan Tuner2004View
Lincoln NoelPan Tuner2004View
Paul King Obstinate RichardsCalypsonian2004View
TimmyMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianBumpa Catcha FireBarbados2004View
Faye Anne LyonsCalypso of the YearCalypsonianDisplay2004View
The Swingin’ Stars BandDominica2004View
Percy Lord Zeigfield SimonCalypsonianGrenada2004View
Moses JosiahMusicianGuyana2004View
Jean-Jean PierreHaiti2004View
Denyse PlummerCalypso of the YearIdentity2004View
Barrington WatsonPainterJamaica2004View
Edwin YearwoodMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianSorryBarbados2004View
Aquannette ChinneryCalypso of the YearCalypsonianSweet2004View
Roger GeorgeBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianThese are the Days2004View
GilloBest Social CommentaryCalypsonianTime to ResignBarbados2004View
David Rudder & Carl JacobsMale Vocalist of the YearTrini to the Bone2004View
David Rudder & Carl JacobsCalypso of the YearCalypsonianTrini to the Bone2004View
David Rudder & Carl JacobsBest Social CommentaryTrini to the Bone2004View
Leo McDonald Blenman (Mighty Gryner)CalypsonianBarbados2005View
Oliver Lord Radio BromesCalypsonianBarbados2005View
Shurwayne WinchesterCalypso of the YearCalypsonianDe Band Coming2005View
Sherwayne WinchesterMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianDe Band Coming2005View
Faye Anne LyonsCalypso of the YearCalypsonianFreedom2005View
Faye Anne LyonsFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianFreedom2005View
Michelle SylvesterFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianGo Ahead2005View
Habeeb KhanComedianGuyana2005View
Cyril ShawFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardPromoterGuyana2005View
Ernest RanglinJamaica2005View
Square OneCalypso of the YearCalypsonianJust WaitBarbados2005View
Edwin YearwoodMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianKeep it RollongBarbados2005View
Tony PrescottMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianMash2005View
Sanelle DempsterCalypso of the YearCalypsonianLittle Bit2005View
Sanelle DempsterFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianLittle Bit2005View
TigressFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianLiteracy2005View
GinjaFemale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianNice & Slow2005View
Roger GeorgeMale Vocalist of the YearCalypsonianOn and On2005View
Ernest Galloway (Prince Galloway)Calypsonian2005View
Kelvin Zuzie St. RoseSteelband Tuner2005View
Nathaniel Crichlow2005View
Carl Jazzy PantinPromoter2005View
Bernadette Scott & Love MovementDance Group2005View
Kevin LyttleCalypsonianTurn Me On2005View
3 canal2005View
Irving Burgie – Author of Barbados National AnthemSong of the Century AwardDAY-O2006View
The Mighty Sparrow (Dr. Slinger Francisco)Heritage Award – For 51 Years of Performing CalypsoFirst Calypso – Jean & Dinah2006View
Keith Maxwell ProctotSpecial Award for Contribution to Caribbean MusicGuyana2006View
Dr. Marcia Keizs-President of York College of the City University of New YorkSpecial Award for EducationJamaica2006View
Creighton PencheonSpecial Award for contribution to Caribbean culture2006View
Lord Nelson (Robert Nelson)For Calypso Music2006View
The Mighty Duke (Kelvin Pope)For Calypso Music2006View
John Arnold – Director of Signal Hill Alumni Choir of Tobago2006View
Prince CumberbatchFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardFriend of the Arts2006View
Orville DuncanFor Steelband Music2006View
Andrew BeddoeFor Steelband Music2006View
Hugh SamGuyana2007View
Emeline MichelPerforming Artist – MusicHaiti2007View
Monty AlexanderMusicianJamaica2007View
Rex NettlefordDanceJamaica2007View
Lord Panama ( George Allen)CalypsonianPanama2007View
Don BobbJournalist2007View
Earl RodneySteelband Arranger2007View
Francis WickhamSteelband Arranger2007View
Fred Mitchell (Mighty Composer)Calypsonian2007View
Leroy Calliste (Black Stalin)Calypsonian2007View
Shirley RobinsonMusic Teacher2007View
Rupert Philo (King Swallow)2008View
Lauren RamdhannyMusic Teacher2008View
CCH Pounder (Carol Christine Pounder-Kone) – The Irving Burgie SUNSHINE AwardActressGuyana2008View
Mamadou DahoueAfrican Dancer2008View
Oliver SamuelComedianJamaica2008View
Robert Stafford (The Mighty Skipper)2008View
Quintyn Toby Joseph (The Mighty Toiler)Calypsonian2008View
John Ernesto FerreiraSteelband Music2008View
Belgrave Bonaparte (posthumously)Steelband Music2008View
Holly BetaudierFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardPromoter – The Mighty Sparrow SUNSHINE Award2008View
Sundar Popo (posthumously)Chutney-soca Performing Artist2008View
Leroy ClarkeLeroy Clarke (Artist)2008View
Habib KagimuThe SUNSHINE Award for Humanitarian ServicesPhilanthropist2008View
Eulalia BernardCosta Rica2009View
Elwin McQuilkin – The Black WizardSUNSHINE Award Contribution to Calypso MusicCalypsonianGrenada2009View
William Elcock — ScaramouchSUNSHINE Award Contribution to Calypso MusicCalypsonianGrenada2009View
Dr. Ulric GibsonPublic Health ProfessorGuyana2009View
Armando Savaranga CrisantoSUNSHINE Award Contribution to African DanceHonduras2009View
Alston Becket CyrusSUNSHINE Award Contribution to Calypso MusicCalypsonian2009View
Bernard Butch KelmanSteelband Tuner2009View
Anthony Emrold Phillip – Brother ValentinoCalypsonian2009View
Frank and Claude MartineauPromoters of the Performing Arts2009View
Rwangyezi Stephen & The Ndere Dance TroupeSUNSHINE Award Contribution to African Dance2009View
Dancin AfricaBarbados2010View
Ramiro CrawfordCosta RicaYes2010View
Sonny BlacksFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardPromoter2010View
Famoro DioubatePerforming Arts – African MusicMusician2010View
The TradewindsSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameThe original members of the Tradewinds are Dave Martins Clive Rosteing Harry Cupid Jeff Japal and Richard Terry. Terry Dyal performed with the band from 1969 to 1981 and Joe Brown performed from 1968 to 1978. Other members who are now deceased are the oriCanada, Guyana2010View
Bill TrotmanSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameComedian2010View
Drupatee PersadPerforming Arts – contribution to Chutney music.Performing Artist2010View
Yves JosephContribution to HumanityPerforming Artist Song writer ProducerHaiti2010View
Norman Darway AdamsSUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2010View
Aubrey Lacu SamuelContribution to Steelband MusicMusician2011View
Winston FlearyDancerCarriacou2011View
Sidiki CondeAfrican DanceDancer2011View
Rudy BishopContribution to Steelband MusicGuyana2011View
Mungal PatasarContribution to Caribbean MusicMusician2011View
William MunroFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardPromoter2011View
Edward Teddy PinheirFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE Award2011View
Cyril DiazSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameMusician2011View
Ortniel BacchusSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameCalypsonian – Tobago Crusoe2011View
John Buddy WilliamsSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameMusician2011View
Dr Eric WilliamsFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardContribution to the Performing Arts2011View
Verne HodgeSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameUnited States Judge2011View
James DeliaContribution to Humanity – HaitiAttorney2011View
Patrick ArnoldSUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2011View
Rawdon EdwardsContribution to the Performing ArtsPerforming Artist2012View
Dr Prince RamseyFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE AwardMusic Producer2012View
Martin VejaranoContribution to Columbian CulturePerforming ArtistColombia2012View
Malcolm CorricaHall of FamePerforming ArtistGuyana2012View
Gina FaustinContribution to Haitian CultureTelevision PersonalityHaiti2012View
Monty AlexanderLifetime Achievement AwardPerforming ArtistJamaica2012View
Keshorn WalcottExcellence in Sports2012 Olympic Gold Medalist2012View
Clifton LewisHall of FamePerforming Artist2012View
Merle AlbinoDeCoteauHall of FameMusic Teacher2012View
Paul NoelHall of FamePerforming Artist2012View
Bert Innis-DeceasedHall of FameMusician2012View
Randolph St. LouisHall of FameSteelband Musician2012View
Dr. Brinsley SamarooDr. Basil Matthews SUNSHINE Award for contribution to educationProfessor2012View
Bob/Wanda Dickerson2012View
Makerere UniversityResearch and Science2012View
Dr Hollis Liverpool25 Years of ServiceCo-Founder SUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2013View
Ray HolmanHall of FameSteelpan Arranger2013View
Jit SamarooHall of FameSteelpan Arranger2013View
Dr. Clement LondonDr. Basil Matthews SUNSHINE AwardProfessor Emeritus2013View
Jancy Ball25 Years of ServiceStage Manager2013View
Morgianna VarricchioContribution to the Performing Arts2013View
Feraba Dance Co.African Rhythm and DanceYes2013View
Elsie Saint LouisContribution to HumanityHaitian American United for ProgressHaiti2013View
Dr. Hans Geiser25 Years of ServiceSUNSHINE Awards Organization Board MemberSwitzerland2013View
Lionel MitchellContribution to CultureAnthropologist/Author/Teacher2013View
Rawle Axeback TitusContribution to the Performing ArtsHistorian/Performer/Researcher2013View
Dr. Jacob D. ElderContribution to CulturePosthumously2013View
Errol InceHall of Fame2013View
Roy CapeHall of FameMusician2013View
Fitzroy ColemanHall of FameMusician2013View
Von MartinFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE Award2013View
Joseph (Joe) Brown25 Years of ServiceMusical Director2013View
Janice Forde25 Years of ServiceTalent Co-ordinator2013View
Cecil WardSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameSteelband MusicBarbados2014View
Dheeraj GayaramGuyana2014View
Orlando MarinContribution to the Performing ArtsLatin Music2014View
Hillary Baga” Rezende””illary “Baga”””llarySUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameSteelband Music2014View
Liam TeagueSteelband Music2014View
The National Action Cultural CommitteeFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE Award2014View
Lancelot Layne – (Deceased)SUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameRapso Music2014View
Winston Bailey-The Mighty ShadowSUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2014View
National Staffing AssociatesSUNSHINE Awards Corporate Award2014View
Sister Rosario Hackshaw2014View
Joycelyne MayasContribution to HumanityHaiti2014View
Dr. Alister Francis (Posthumously)The Dom Basil Matthews SUNSHINE AwardEducation2015View
Rudy Two Left” Smith””udy “Two Left” “”dy “Two Le””y “Two”” “TSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FamePerforming Arts – Steel Band Music2015View
Russell Audley Ferdinand Russ” Henderson (Posthumously)””ussell Audley Ferdinand “Russ”””ssellSUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2015View
Godfrey AugustinePerforming ArtsFriend of the ArtsGrenada2015View
Erna LetempsPerforming ArtsHaitian MusicHaiti2015View
David & Chandrakantha CourtneyPerforming ArtsIndian Music2015View
Rawle GibbonsPerforming Artsn/a2015View
Sharlene FloresPerforming Artsn/a2015View
Frankie McIntoshSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameContribution to the Performing Arts2015View
Peter BloodPerforming ArtsJournalism2015View
Pelham GoddardPerforming ArtsMusician2015View
Winsford Joker” deVines””insford “Joker””nsforSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FamePerforming Arts – Songwriter2015View
Len Smooth” Edwards””en “Smooth” Edw””n “Smooth” “” “Smooth”””Smoot””SmootSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FamePerforming Arts – Steel Band Music2015View
Caldwell TaylorSUNSHINE Award2016View
Lance GibbsSUNSHINE AwardSports – CricketGuyana2016View
Eddy BourjollyPerforming ArtsHaiti2016View
Samir ChatterjeeSUNSHINE AwardIndian MusicIndia2016View
Pascual & Gema FortezaPerforming ArtsSpain2016View
Len Boogsie” Sharpe””en “Boogsie” Sh””n “Boogsie””” “Boogsi”””Boogs””BoogsSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameSteelband Music2016View
Willard Harris (Lord Relator)SUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2016View
Aldwin AlbinoSUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2016View
McCartha Lewis (Calypso Rose)SUNSHINE Awards Hall of Fame2016View
Professor Kenneth JulienDom Basil Matthews SUNSHINE Award2016View
Holly Betaudier (Posthumously)SUNSHINE Awards Hall of FamePerforming Arts2016View
David CuffySUNSHINE AwardJournalism2016View
Earl Crosby (Posthumously)Friend of the Arts SUNSHINE Award2016View
Canute SpencerFriend of the Arts SUNSHINE Award2016View
Dr Eugene NovotneyPerforming ArtsSteelbannd Music2017View
Miguel del AguilaPerforming ArtsMusicUruguay2017View
Sandra Andria DeVignes-Millington – Singing SandraPerforming Arts2017View
Charles DoughertyPerforming ArtsMusicJamaica2017View
Elio VillafrancaThe Performing ArtsMusicCuba2017View
Pooja HarangPerforming ArtsDance2017View
Adriano SantosPerforming ArtsMusicBrazil2017View
Timothee van-HeyningenPerforming Arts2019View
Dr Erold HindsPerforming ArtsFriend of the ArtsBarbados2019View
Robert AmarPerforming ArtsFriend of the Arts2019View
Johnny ThomasPerforming ArtsFriend of the Arts2019View
Alfred MayerSUNSHINE Awards Hall of FameA steelband pioneer of the 1940s2019View
Darryl Farmer Nappy HenryPerforming Arts2019View
Stedson Red Plastic Bag WiltshireHall of FameBarbados2019View
Dr Gladys West2019View
Dr. Andre Cropper2019View
Jean AppolonPerforming ArtsHaiti2019View
Albert LaveauHall of Fame2019View
test nametest songYes2021View
test nametest songYes2021View