SUNSHINE Awards Founder Pays Tribute To Mt Hope Secondary School

Thank you for that introduction. A Pleasant Good evening to all:
Dr (The Honorable) Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Education Other officials of the Ministry of Education
Mr. Patrick Edwards, Former Ambassador and High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago
Principal, Staff, Students and Parents of Mt Hope Secondary School Other Luminaries
Members of Mt Hope Secondary School Alumni Association Members of the Media
Ladies and Gentlemen
I bring greetings to you from the SUNSHINE Awards Organization.
Iam honored to be invited to deliver the feature address at this 50th Anniversary Celebration of Mount Hope Secondary
School, a milestone that future students will reflect on, even before they qualify for membership of this distinguished Alumni Association. As an alumnus myself, I can recall when I delivered the feature address at St. Benedict’s College, La Romaine (my alma mater), 50th Anniversary Celebration in 2006. I could never have anticipated that it was a dress rehearsal for this one. I am a firm believer that we are guided and prepared for special moments in our lives by our Good Lord, long before we are faced with any task at hand. So, brothers and sisters, my assignment tonight is a very
special one not only because I am speaking at a milestone event but also because the Alumni Association of Mt Hope
Secondary School, has bestowed on me the honor and privilege to stand before you as your Feature Speaker.
It is often said, that the most important people in a child’s life after its parents, are the teachers that child will experience during his or her journey to be qualified in a particular discipline or profession. Education therefore, can be defined as an enlightening experience, or the process of receiving and sharing information that was previously unknown. In this context, education is really an investment in society, so that the dividends can be a better world where people of various cultural heritages can co-exist in peace and harmony: and dreams can become realities.

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